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Starships are what you use to assemble a fleet so that you can conquer the Echo Cluster.  Starships are built at starbases out of three basic minerals.  The minerals are Tritanium, Duranium and Molybdenum.  The starships travel at very high velocities between the planets performing various tasks and missions. 

The funds used in the construction of these starships are taken directly  out of the planetary economy.  These starships are used to transport cargo (minerals, colonists, supplies and megacredits) between the planets and starbase(s).  This is usually the task of the various freighters in your fleet, and the job of defending your empire and expanding at the cost of your neighbors falls to the capital (war ships) starships in your fleet.

In the following pages you will see all of the ships of each races fleet. Their hull types, energy weapons and torpedo tubes. Take this info and use it well.

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